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    Our new factory unit at 2/ 53-55 Regentville Road Penrith is now fully operational
June 2016
With the latest addition of our workshop based in Western Sydney, we can now offer the flexibility of offsite services, to assist in the smooth running of our clients facilities. 
Some of the offsite services include;
-Fabrication of platforms, piping, rails and safety guards
-Machine and line assembly
-Machine overhaul and larger repairs
-Un-crating of new equipment to prepare for installation
Purchasing machinery for your facility
When second hand or re-purposed machinery is bought and sold throughout the industry, there is always a high chance it will need a good overhaul and more often than not, a few modifications to suit it's new purpose or location. We can now offer our clients to have their machinery taken care of, before it hits your factory floor, to prep it for it's new location and use. This leaves your staff to be able to maintain the focus on running your facility, and keep getting product out the door. 
New equipment comes with its own challenges. Parts and sections can be delivered at varying intervals, then the uncrating process can be a time consuming task. Days can be used up before the actual assembly stage is even reached, while your staff faces the challenges of keeping your factory going whilst dealing with the disruption the whole process can bring about in a running facility.
WHS is also a major consideration in adding or modifying a food and beverage manufacturing facility. Many manufacturers find it extremely difficult to find a means of smooth transition when installing new equipment, that keeps within the WHS guidelines during the delivery and installation process.
An offsite option can help reduce the overall impact on all of the stringent guidelines a functioning food and beverage manufacturing facility has to meet.
Our new factory base in Penrith, means we can now offer our clients full offsite;
Shipment congregation and uncrating
Repairs and overhauls
Machine/ Line assembly
We can then deliver, Install and commission your equipment, shortening the overall disruption time to your facility, to assist a smoother transition for your site. 
We look forward to continiuing to offer onsite services, and see our offsite option as a welcome expansion of our company, which has resulted from a consistent increase in requests for an offsite option. 
May 2016
This month saw the addition of another vehicle to our fleet, bringing our total of service vehicles on the road to four.
The vehicles will all soon have a marketing overhaul with the C&S logo and colours.
We look forward to unveiling them soon!