Outcome based solutions, optimised to meet your needs.

Our Services

Our focus is on providing trades who can help you achieve and maintain better outcomes, and provide you with superior quality—quality service, quality resources, and quality solutions

C&S are a trade specific work force, with over 25 years in the manufacturing industry. We provide industry leading talent, and are specialists in matching members of our team of experienced tradesmen with your specific needs.

Whether servicing small individual machines, installing and commissioning fully automated production lines, or fully relocating an entire manufacturing operation, C&S provide a range of customised service solutions to meet the needs of our clients facilities.


Our extensive experience managing projects ranging from factory workforce co-ordination and supervision through to full project team management helps us achieve results that our clients return to us for again and again.

We understand the ability of your facility to adapt to new processes or product types is an important factor to your business. Our team can provide reliable project management services from planning stage through to job completion and commissioning.

We can organise and tender complete services to ensure your project runs smooth and within budget.

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Labour Hire

Short term labour Hire

Contract Servicing has been the core of our business for over 25 years.

Our Labour Hire option provides contingency for short term trade staffing solutions.

Our team consists of Industrial Maintenance Fitters/ Mechanical Engineers, Industrial Electricians and trades assistants.

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Long term Labour solutions

Our reputation as a trusted service provider attracts talented trades, helping to alleviate our clients challenges, associated with trade recruitment and retention.

Trade specific recruiting has been a major part of our business for over 25 years. We know that technical skills are only part of the solution. Our rigorous selection process results in dedicated on-site trades, that understand your business and culture.

Our CS+ option draws on our proven track record for matching successful candidates to meet your needs for longer term maintenance solutions.

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OEE Analysis

C&S understands the reliability of your machinery is a critical element to the success of your business. Our predictive and prescriptive reporting solution is designed to help maximise the reliability of your equipment.

We customise our inspection analysis program to your site, and provide comprehensive reporting on your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). The reports provide a reliable reference of analytical data and imagery, which assist with maintenance planning, provide a monitoring history, and contribute to budget forecasting decisions.

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