CS Plus


Long term Labour solutions

Our reputation as a trusted service provider attracts talented trades, helping to alleviate our clients challenges, associated with trade recruitment and retention.
Trade specific recruiting has been a major part of our business for over 25 years. We know that technical skills are only part of the solution. Our rigorous selection process results in dedicated on-site trades, that understand your business and culture.

Our CS+ option draws on our proven track record for matching successful candidates to meet your needs for longer term maintenance solutions.

Longer term labour solutions
Our CS+ option provides a customised agreement for ongoing maintenance, , dependent on number of trades required, and hours per month of services needed.
CS+ equates to substantial time and cost savings for our clients, as all trade recruitment and ongoing administration is managed by us, without charge to customers.
The benefits for clients using our services in this way assists with annual site maintenance budgeting, and reduces clients recruiting and administration costs, whilst still allowing our clients to remain selective of candidates, without possible separation or replacement costs.
Fixed Monthly Maintenance Budget = No surprise maintenance cost blowouts

  • Constant access to a pool of experienced trades
  • Consistent monthly/ annual cost
  • Zero Trade recruitment costs
  • Free Payroll Administration of staff
  • Free Staff Retention Management

Our trade specific experience, and rigorous selection process results in dedicated on-site trades that understand your business, and the culture of your site.
 CS+ is a minimum twelve-month option, at a pre-determined fixed monthly budget.