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Labour Hire

Short term labour Hire

Contract Servicing has been the core of our business for over 25 years. Our Labour Hire option provides contingency for short term trade staffing solutions. Our team consists of Industrial Maintenance Fitters/ Mechanical Engineers, Industrial Electricians and trades assistants.

  • Maintenance shift coverage
  • Short Term Position Replacement/ Placement
  • Holiday relief
  • Breakdown Callout services
  • Industrial Plumbers

C&S can provide experienced and fully qualified tradespeople on a short-term basis, for maintenance shift coverage, short term position placement/replacement, holiday relief and Breakdown callout services.
Labour Solutions  (LS Page) – Every one needs a contingency plan…..

Contract Maintenance Servicing has been at the core of our business for over 25 years. As an industry leader, we can provide the needed expertise to fill your short term labour requirements.

Our qualified team are specialists in the repair, modification and maintenance of equipment used throughout the manufacturing industry.
Our reputation as an trade specific service provider allows us to attract top talent to match the needs of our clients.
Our rigorous selection process results in dedicated on-site candidates that understand your business and culture.
Our Labour solutions service suit short term or intermittent trade staffing requirements.
If you’re needs are more consistent, Our CS+ option offers solutions with longer term benefits for your facility.